CSS Spacing

Clever CSS Spacing Between Elements with + Selector

Let’s say you have a list of elements, and you want to elegantly add a bit of space between them so that they don’t appear too clumped together…

CSS Spacing with + selector

Well, it’s pretty easy if you have the right tool: the + CSS selector!

.fruit-container div+div {
  margin-left: 30px;

You don’t need to use a margin or padding on each element and add a first-item or last-item class to remove the extra spacing, the + selector takes care of everything.

How does it work ?

Let’s take an example: if you have div + p in your CSS, it will select the first <p> element that is placed immediately after <div> elements. That’s why you add a margin-left (and not a margin-right) to the items you want to space up.

Indeed this one-line magic trick works for all kinds of elements (images, div, span, li, …). For more CSS Selectors, have a look at this extensive list.

What is your favorite underrated CSS selectors, and how do you use it?

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