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The Best VR Headsets for a Complete Immersion

2016 has been a crazy year for VR: public release of dedicated VR headsets, creation of new types of games and experiences, and many more things to come. In the tech literature today, we often see “What’s the best VR headset” or “What VR headset should you buy” articles. I wanted to do something slightly different here and focus on the immersion the virtual headsets can provide, because to me, it is their main purpose. The immersion is not up to the game or VR experience only, the headset actually plays a big part in making you feel that what … Continue reading The Best VR Headsets for a Complete Immersion

Guidelines #2 for QA

Following the previous “Guidelines for developers”, here are some basic rules/advice for Quality Assurance (aka QA) based on my experience. You will notice that sometimes it is seen from the developer’s perspective, the rest consist of things I’ve seen. Once again, it is not exhaustive, so feel free to add your own! All the rules may not apply to your projects, but I’m sure you can find equivalents. 1. Prepare your tests Have scenarios ready, know what you need to do, list all the variations of things you can come across, etc. 2. A feature cannot be tested by its … Continue reading Guidelines #2 for QA

Guidelines #1 for Developers

Here are some rules or guidelines I try to live by as a developer. They are for all of you, from the beginners to the seasoned developers. It is not an exhaustive list, so feel free to add yours in the comments below! 1. “Temporary” doesn’t exist in development Be honest with yourself, you’re never going to change it. Ever. 2. Use meaningful variable names Because abc, test or tmp are not really understandable by other developers, or by you in 6 months. 3. Be consistent with style, use guidelines Some are immune to it, but unfortunately (or not), it … Continue reading Guidelines #1 for Developers

UICollectionView Custom Layout: the Ultimate Tutorial – Part 2

Welcome back to the “UICollectionView Custom Layouts: the Ultimate Tutorial” series. This is Part 2, where we will actually tackle the custom layout part. If you haven’t seen or done the first part, I strongly recommend you to take a look at it, as we will be using the UICollectionView we created there. Remember what we had at the end of Part 1, when we run the project without the custom layout, and what we would like to achieve?       A few words A few words before we start: I recommend you to have a look at Session 232 of … Continue reading UICollectionView Custom Layout: the Ultimate Tutorial – Part 2

UICollectionView Custom Layout: the Ultimate Tutorial – Part 1

I’m working every day with UICollectionViews and until recently never used a custom layout. I decided to take the plunge and learn how to create one when I had to deal with a complex layout on a UICollectionView and make my designer happy. So here is everything I learned (or everything you need to know — to start with) about custom layouts for UICollectionView. Let’s imagine that you have a “complex” design to integrate in a UICollectionView. And yes, you need a collectionView. When I say complex, I mean different types of cells, some of them will have a fixed … Continue reading UICollectionView Custom Layout: the Ultimate Tutorial – Part 1