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UIFont not responding or nil

My font does not respond and it says nil when I print it? What’s happening here? Actually, if your UIFont happens to be nil, it’s maybe because you’re not calling it properly! Haha, very funny, I know, but let’s have a look at happened to me recently. Here is what I did: I imported “MyFont-Regular.ttf” and “MyFont-bold.ttf” in Xcode. I set the constants with the font name. let fontRegular = “MyFont-Regular” let fontBold = “MyFont-Bold” And I set the font to that label in the view: label.font = UIFont(name: fontRegular, size: 12.0) and … nothing happened, well, the label was displayed … Continue reading UIFont not responding or nil

SFSafariViewController and OAuth – the Instagram example

I think, as a developer, I’ve never been so excited and frustrated at the same time by the same thing. Sorry for the non-tech reading that, you can stop here, it’s fine ;) My oh-so-frustrating thing is the brand new SFSafariViewController introduced in WWDC 2015, and especially its interaction with OAuth. If you are reading this article, you have probably watched WWDC’s session 504: Introduction to Safari View Controller. And you’ve probably browsed through a lot of articles arguing the pros and cons of SFSafariViewController. Here, I would like to jump straight to the “Web-based authentication” section, when Ricky Mondello … Continue reading SFSafariViewController and OAuth – the Instagram example

Book review #2: 1984 by George Orwell

All I knew about 1984 before reading it was that it was a vision of the future written by George Orwell in 1948. I read Animal Farm a few years ago, and I remember that Orwell was quite a good political analyst and sociologist in that book (but not in a boring way). So I was curious about what he could have imagined for that future. If you don’t know what to expect, after reading the first page, you’ll get the tone, and you’ll know it won’t be easy for Winston (the main character). He lives in a world ruled … Continue reading Book review #2: 1984 by George Orwell

The 3 brilliant apps I discovered recently + 1 Bonus

I usually don’t install a lot of apps on my phone outside of work, but a couple of weeks ago I came across 3 brilliant apps that I installed and that I’m still using today!  Steller I discovered Steller thanks to an Instagram post of a gentleman called TheBowlerMan. If you’re curious, go check his account, he’s doing an amazing job. When I opened the Stellar link on the web, I instantly fell in love with the concept: “Everyone has a story to tell”. Obviously, the story made by TheBowlerMan is a perfect example of Stellar’s potential: stunning pictures punctuated by … Continue reading The 3 brilliant apps I discovered recently + 1 Bonus