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Swift Tips #1: Extra padding problem on UITextView?

Sometimes when you integrate a design, you need things to be square, everything aligned: buttons, title, images, textView…

But wait, what’s that extra padding on the UITextView?

UITextView Animation

You may have tried to print the contentOffset or contentInset without success. That’s not it. However, all your problems can be solved in one line, and here it is:

I wouldn’t call it exactly straight forward, so this is a memo for me and tip for you :)

UIFont not responding or nil

My font does not respond and it says nil when I print it? What’s happening here? Actually, if your UIFont happens to be nil, it’s maybe because you’re not calling it properly! Haha, very funny, I know, but let’s have a look at happened to me recently. Here is what I did: I imported “MyFont-Regular.ttf” and “MyFont-bold.ttf” in Xcode. I set the constants with the font name.

And I set the font to that label in the view:

and … nothing happened, well, the label was displayed but not as wanted. I expected something like label2 and label1 happened. … Continue reading UIFont not responding or nil