My Geeky Christmas Wish List

Good news: Christmas is coming! Bad news: you still need some presents to put under the tree, and you have no ideas? We’ve all been there, so get inspired with my geeky Christmas wish list and let’s wrap it up! Oh oh oh!

Let’s start with some useful gadgets: Google Chromecast and the Apple TV

Choose your side: Apple or Google and get one if you haven’t already! Those gadgets are pretty awesome! They are not “literally” on my wish list as already I use them but I definitely recommend them!

Now the big question: how to choose, and what’s the difference?
To make it short, with Chromecast, you can display Google’s apps from your phone or tablet and chrome’s content (from any computer) on your TV. And with Apple TV, you can mirror your Apple devices and Macs on your TV. Plus on both devices, you can stream videos, music, movies from your AppStore/Google play accounts or via apps like Netflix, YouTube, etc. As for the prices, Chromecast is about £30 and Apple TV costs £79.
Have a look here for the Chromecast or there for Apple TV full specs!

Let’s stay on the big screen and talk about TV series.

My favourite series of the moment is Sherlock. It is brilliant, literally! I really like seeing the contemporary Sherlock facing the nowadays plots and dilemmas. And as I read the books, I wasn’t disappointed at all with the TV adaptation. On the contrary, I’m looking forward to seeing them all (yep, I haven’t, yet..)

Then I saw this massive set of Game of Thrones and I thought it would be a very nice gift. I haven’t seen the series but I read the books and I found them fantastic. Isn’t it a great idea if you want to share your love of the North with your friends and family?

Bonus: The Big Bang Theory starring my favorite team of geeks! It’s good to see something different than the usual polished and standardized actors of the series. Either you sympathise with them or you make fun of them, but you cannot stay indifferent from this bunch of socially awkward people!

Big screen, last cut: the movies!

Obviously, on the top of my list is… drumroll…: The Hobbit! With the last part of the trilogy in cinemas now, don’t you want to refresh your memory before going into the Battle of the Five Armies? By the way, I definitely recommend the book (I’m a big fan of Tolkien’s work). But that’s a no brainer if you are a Hobbit or an Elf yourself or just a fan of Middle Earth.

Oh, funny facts: as we were talking about Sherlock Holmes just before, I’m pretty sure you recognised Dr Watson in Bilbo, but do you know that Sherlock is actually Smaug, and the Necromancer? Not very obvious, right?

And here are some more DVDs I would like to see under my Christmas Tree… From the Marvel blockbuster to the brilliant classics re-written.

Random geek bonus

Just because it’s Christmas, I’d like to share with you some geek knowledge… from the basics of geek culture to the more sophisticated aspects of it ;)

Merry Christmas everyone!