Welcome to my library

As I enjoy reading, I’ve decided to open the doors of my library to share with you my feedback on some books I’ve read. But, before you can start looking at my bookshelves, you may need to know a few things. I read books both in English and in French. And I prefer reading in the language the book was written. So, that’s why you may find here some books in French, but don’t worry, everything will be translated into English, of course. Also, I’m maybe a bit weird (maniac?), but I like reading books by author, and by chronological … Continue reading Welcome to my library

The Unresolved Case of the Kindle

I am a bookworm. A real one. I could nearly live on books if paper was tastier. Ok, kidding… But what about the Kindle, is it better than the books? Maybe Sherlock can help me resolve this case: the book or the Kindle? As I mainly read while commuting and a bit at home, I was wondering if the e-readers were for me. If I were a robot, the answer would be pretty straight forward: true (hum, I mean, yes)! Ok, that’s a very binary answer, let me explain it a bit more. If you consider that carrying a thousand … Continue reading The Unresolved Case of the Kindle

Close that device gap (and install those apps) you must

Forget about that platform gap between your devices, young Padawan, it is now time for continuity. What is it, Master? Well, continuity is when you can start doing something on one device and finish it on another one. Disclaimer: No, this is not a spoiler of the new Star Wars – the Force Awakens. We are just going to talk about the cross-device compatibility and/or offline mode of some great apps: Pocket, Pushbullet, Evernote and WhatsApp. Let’s put it that way: when you have an Android phone, an iPod/iPad and a laptop (Mac for me) and you want that whole … Continue reading Close that device gap (and install those apps) you must

Je suis Charlie, a message of hope

I don’t feel like writing anything else after what happened in France last week. It just seems inappropriate after those three days of terror. This was an attack on freedom of speech and on freedom of religion, and nobody can be indifferent to it. In this article, I just want to share a some signs of hope I’ve seen over the last few days. I’ve been touched by that impulse of solidarity that spread around the world. I was glad to see hope as people said “Je suis Charlie” (I am Charlie). Three words only to say that we are … Continue reading Je suis Charlie, a message of hope

My Geeky Christmas Wish List

Good news: Christmas is coming! Bad news: you still need some presents to put under the tree, and you have no ideas? We’ve all been there, so get inspired with my geeky Christmas wish list and let’s wrap it up! Oh oh oh! Let’s start with some useful gadgets: Google Chromecast and the Apple TV Choose your side: Apple or Google and get one if you haven’t already! Those gadgets are pretty awesome! They are not “literally” on my wish list as already I use them but I definitely recommend them! Now the big question: how to choose, and what’s … Continue reading My Geeky Christmas Wish List