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How to create an Alias for your Local Website (bye localhost!)

Tired of having localhost in your URLs? Do you want to have a more professional-looking URL in your browser? It is so easy to set up, you won’t be able to live code without it anymore! So let’s have a look, shall we? Meh, localhost is fine… Okay, no problem! Let me just give you the reasons why I use aliases: Cleaner URLs: visually easier to see what’s going on in the URL, No more configuration errors (ports, …), No routing errors with a development environment closer to the production environment: you will have the exact same URLs in development … Continue reading How to create an Alias for your Local Website (bye localhost!)

Guidelines #2 for QA

Following the previous “Guidelines for developers”, here are some basic rules/advice for Quality Assurance (aka QA) based on my experience. You will notice that sometimes it is seen from the developer’s perspective, the rest consist of things I’ve seen. Once again, it is not exhaustive, so feel free to add your own! All the rules may not apply to your projects, but I’m sure you can find equivalents. 1. Prepare your tests Have scenarios ready, know what you need to do, list all the variations of things you can come across, etc. 2. A feature cannot be tested by its … Continue reading Guidelines #2 for QA

Guidelines #1 for Developers

Here are some rules or guidelines I try to live by as a developer. They are for all of you, from the beginners to the seasoned developers. It is not an exhaustive list, so feel free to add yours in the comments below! 1. “Temporary” doesn’t exist in development Be honest with yourself, you’re never going to change it. Ever. 2. Use meaningful variable names Because abc, test or tmp are not really understandable by other developers, or by you in 6 months. 3. Be consistent with style, use guidelines Some are immune to it, but unfortunately (or not), it … Continue reading Guidelines #1 for Developers

A Swift guide for iOS beginners

A couple of years ago I was a full stack web developer, from database to front-end. Then I had the opportunity to switch to mobile. Thanks to my mentor who pointed me to the best resources ever (Stanford University lectures), I could learn everything I needed pretty quickly and efficiently. It is now my turn to share with you what I believe are good references for beginners. Unfortunately, learning a new language alongside with a new development environment and a different way of thinking doesn’t come overnight. Forget about the Matrix style, uploading iOS Kung-fu lessons right to your brain … Continue reading A Swift guide for iOS beginners

Let it Code – Breaking stereotypes about development

To be honest, I intended to publish a post that was ready to go for a while. But when a friend of mine showed me that article (in French), here is an equivalent in English,  I changed my mind. Those articles speak about teaching code to young girls thanks to Disney Princesses and breaking stereotypes about computer science. And that is a subject I hold dear to my heart. I understand that programming sounds intimidating to a lot of people, and especially to girls. That’s why I would like to share my story with you. I am not a feminist or an activist of … Continue reading Let it Code – Breaking stereotypes about development