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The 3 brilliant apps I discovered recently + 1 Bonus

I usually don’t install a lot of apps on my phone outside of work, but a couple of weeks ago I came across 3 brilliant apps that I installed and that I’m still using today!  Steller I discovered Steller thanks to an Instagram post of a gentleman called TheBowlerMan. If you’re curious, go check his account, he’s doing an amazing job. When I opened the Stellar link on the web, I instantly fell in love with the concept: “Everyone has a story to tell”. Obviously, the story made by TheBowlerMan is a perfect example of Stellar’s potential: stunning pictures punctuated by … Continue reading The 3 brilliant apps I discovered recently + 1 Bonus

A Swift guide for iOS beginners

A couple of years ago I was a full stack web developer, from database to front-end. Then I had the opportunity to switch to mobile. Thanks to my mentor who pointed me to the best resources ever (Stanford University lectures), I could learn everything I needed pretty quickly and efficiently. It is now my turn to share with you what I believe are good references for beginners. Unfortunately, learning a new language alongside with a new development environment and a different way of thinking doesn’t come overnight. Forget about the Matrix style, uploading iOS Kung-fu lessons right to your brain … Continue reading A Swift guide for iOS beginners

Close that device gap (and install those apps) you must

Forget about that platform gap between your devices, young Padawan, it is now time for continuity. What is it, Master? Well, continuity is when you can start doing something on one device and finish it on another one. Disclaimer: No, this is not a spoiler of the new Star Wars – the Force Awakens. We are just going to talk about the cross-device compatibility and/or offline mode of some great apps: Pocket, Pushbullet, Evernote and WhatsApp. Let’s put it that way: when you have an Android phone, an iPod/iPad and a laptop (Mac for me) and you want that whole … Continue reading Close that device gap (and install those apps) you must